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Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

Business Continuity consists of the day-to-day activities that an organization performs according to a repeatable, supportable, and maintainable plan. The plan contains things such as policies, guidelines, standards, procedures, resources, organizational structure, templates, etc.

Disaster recovery is sometimes confused with business continuity. Disaster recovery is a small subset of business continuity and is the implementation of a project plan that details the activities necessary to perform in the event of a disaster. Business continuity is an enterprise wide methodology of conducting day-to-day business. A successful disaster recovery implementation effort is not only dependent upon a well thought-out disaster recovery plan; it must have been derived from an enterprise wide mentality of business continuity. Furthermore, business continuity must be the beginning point in systems design, not the ending point. Unfortunately, very few systems are built starting from the business continuity perspective and working backwards.

In order to ensure business continuity, organizations must design, implement, maintain and enforce policies, guidelines, standards, and procedures that encompass all aspects of their critical business functions.

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