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ACMS - Automated Content Management System

In support of all of TriParadigm's methodologies, programs, tools, and utilities, we have developed an automated, web based, content management system (P3 ACMS). This tool provides a consistent, extensible, and modifiable mechanism to provide access to the documentation and procedures that are automatically generated by all of TriParadigm's other tools.

This tool is a standard component included with all of TriParadigm's products and is an integral part of our Business Continuity methodology. We believe that system administrators should not be spending their time writing system documentation and procedures. The primary reason for this belief is because the documentation always seems to be obsolete or incomplete. Instead we believe that system documentation and procedures should be automatically generated on a periodic basis to ensure they are current and complete.

However, the processes generating the documentaion and procedures should not be concerned with the look-and-feel or presentation format of the documentation. Instead, an external process should be able to "apply" a look-and-feel to each document. This allows each customer to customize the document format to match their organizations needs and requirements.


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