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vLPAR® is a registered trademark of TriParadigm LLC

The TriParadigm slogan "Thinking inside the box...", is meant to illustrate the importance of consistency, stability, and repeatability in a datacenter environment. These attributes are critical to delivering reliable business functions and products to customers.

Our goal at TriParadigm is to look inside the datacenter and exploit all the resources available to their fullest extent, for the purpose of providing the greatest return on investment (ROI) to our clients. As much as some people like to talk about "thinking outside the box", before that can happen, the inside of the box must be well defined, stable, strong, and secure to provide a foundation upon which all other activities may rely. We at TriParadigm recognize the importance of this basic foundation and have developed a business continuity methodology to build upon it. This methodology forms the basis of all our work.

We at TriParadigm are known for defining the "Industry Standards and Best Practices" that other organizations all over the world follow.

In the process of defining and creating the industry best practices, we have developed several tools to assist our customers during the implementation of these practices. These tools are oriented around business continuity, security assessment, data center automation, audit compliance and response. In addition, TriParadigm provides advanced technical consulting to it's clients for the purpose of automating their large data center environments. We develop and market numerous products to support this automation goal. Our flagship product is called vLPAR® and is the result of decades of work by highly skilled technical personnel working in large data centers. vLPAR® is based on a business continuity methodology that is used throughout all TriParadigm products and provides our view point of how we conduct business.

This product fully automates the deployment and configuration of entire multi-system, multi-data center computing environments including business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, and virtualization.

The reasons why our customers select TriParadigm to assist them with their data center operations is as follows:

  • We reduce deployment costs by 75% and deployment time by as much as 95%.
  • Our goal is automation and maximizing our customers Return-On-Investment (ROI).
  • We focus our technical efforts from a business continuity perspective.
  • Our technical staff has decades of actual data center operation experience.
  • Our automation tools are unique in the world today.
  • Contact TriParadigm for more information about vLPAR® automated simultaneous deployment of multiple systems for providing business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, and virtualization to your customers as a consumer commodity.

    VLPAR Methodology and Software

    BC Planning
    DR Planning
    HA Planning
    Datacenter Automation
    Audit Assessment
    Security Assessment
    VLPAR SLA Tiers
    Tier 1 SLA
    Tier 2 SLA
    Tier 3 SLA
    Tier 4 SLA
    Tier 5 SLA